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Eagle Signal Controls

Eagle Signal, "the premier name in timers" is the reputable leader in electronic and electromechanical timer products, including preset, elapsed time (also known as time totalizer or hourmeter), reset timer, repeat cycle timer, sequencers and related accessories for rugged and reliable production monitoring of industrial manufacturing applications for over 70 years. Ranging from our popular electromechanical timer products to powerful microprocessor-based control timers, Eagle Signal offers a full range of panel mount timers as well as time delay and general purpose relays.

Eagle-Signal timers come in a variety of types and accessory options. Consider just a few of the following of our commercial and industrial strength timer varieties:

Electronic Timer Types

Electronic timers provide fast, high precision accuracy and resolution feedback of timed process events in diverse factory automation and industrial manufacturing applications. All have a modern appearance, offer precise digital setability and choice of LED or LCD display to meet virtually any production tracking or monitoring requirement. They are rugged and reliable and available in many forms, including time indicators, reset timer and repeat cycle timer varieties.

Electric Timers / Electromechanical Timers

Electric timers use the accuracy of a synchronous motor to display time or control devices by measurement of time intervals. They are rugged, simple to use and provide a long service life. An elapsed timer (also called time totalizers or hourmeter) measure how long a process takes. They provide a display of elapsed time but do not control the process. Eagle Signal Brand electric timers come in four varieties, including elapsed time indicators (such as a digital hourmeter), reset timer, repeat cycle timer and sequencer.